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Reassignment of Diplomatic Representation

Termination of all Appointments – November 2020


Ignita Veritas United (IVU) is now working directly with Presidents of countries, through its founding member Royal Alliance of Independent States (RAIS), an ancient alliance of 128 Kingdoms worldwide consolidated by Treaty in 1750 AD.


As a result, the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has recalled and reassigned all Diplomatic and Consular representation for all regions.  All Diplomatic affairs are now assigned exclusively to the Office of Inspector General (OIG).


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Yazidi Leaders Legalize Election and Coronation of Chief Prince

Yazidi People Celebrate Sovereign Democratic Election of Ruling Prince (Emir) Naif bin Dawud bin Sulaiman


Summary:                Over 500 Yazidi tribal leaders, representing the Yazidi People worldwide, completed a democratic election monitored by an international Court, with an official Coronation under Yazidi law and international law, reasserting their indigenous sovereignty, reestablishing the Ezidkhan Principality (Emirate), and electing Chief Prince Naif bin Dawud bin Sulaiman as Ruling Prince (Emir) of the restored Yazidi nation state.


Press Release:       Yazidi tribal leaders, with an overwhelming representative electorate, reclaimed their ethnic identity and independence from the Kurds, reasserting their indigenous sovereignty by legalizing a democratic election of Chief Prince Naif bin Dawud bin Sulaiman, completing a traditional Coronation Ceremony, and ratifying an official Coronation Letters Patent legal instrument.


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Yazidi Mass Protests Reject Kurdish Appointed “Emir” Tahsin

Yazidis & Kurds Overwhelmingly Reject Barzani-backed “Emir”


Press Release:  Yazidis and supporting Kurds have stood up in outrage and mass protests against the illegal attempt of the Barzani leadership of the Kurdistan government to unilaterally appoint and declare a claimed “Emir” (Chief Prince) of the independent Yazidis, considered part of Kurdish hijacking of Yazidi ethnic identity in violation of indigenous rights under international law.


The Barzani appointed self-proclaimed “Emir”, Hazem Tahsin Bek, son of the late Emir of the Tahsin family, was actually a member of the Kurdish Parliament, and was “named” as the Yazidi “leader” only by five members of his own “High Spiritual Council” led by the previous Baba Sheikh.


It has been widely known that the Tahsin family and their appointed Baba Sheikh have been controlled under coercion and threats by the Barzani faction of Kurdistan since 2014, even forcing the Baba Sheikh to publicly deny Yazidi indigenous ethnic identity and to renounce plans to reassert Yazidi sovereignty.


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Zambian Judiciary Corruption Condemned by International Court

Magistrate Wins Court Ruling on Corruption in Ministry of Justice


Summary:                The inter-governmental Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ) issued a Judgment against corruption in the Ministry of Justice of Zambia.  The High Court ruling vindicated a Magistrate, Kunda Maggie Tantameni, who was wrongfully charged on falsified evidence and prosecuted by political motivations by corrupt Judiciary officials.  The Judgment found the Ministry liable for “abuse of power” by corruption, including failure to operate its constitutional Judicial Complaints Commission thereby depriving the public of “access to justice” against corruption.


Quotable:               “Any corruption used to attack a Judge, is an attack against the Independent Judiciary… which is an attack against The People, as an attack against the Rule of Law itself.” – Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes, Chief of Judiciary Security


Press Release:       The Magistrate Kunda Maggie Tantameni, falsely charged with alleged theft of drugs from a Courthouse, was vindicated by a Judgment of the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ), which found that she was illegally prosecuted by corrupt Judiciary officials driven by political motivations, and ruled that the Zambian Ministry of Justice committed “abuse of power” by depriving the public of “access to justice” against such corrupt Judiciary officials.


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Yazidis Unifying in New Leadership Towards Sovereignty

Yazidi Leaders Overcoming Death of Chief Prince with Diplomatic Support


Quotable: “The Yazidi people can already be reassured of the strength and stability of their future… Crown Prince Naif, in all humility, without making any claims for himself, already arranged for everything that his people needed. This will finally give the Yazidi people a voice, and a seat at the table, to speak for themselves in international affairs.” – Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes, Chief Inspector General, Ignita Veritas United (IVU) inter-governmental (IGO)


Press Release: Yazidi tribal leaders are unifying, over the death of their long-time Chief Prince, and the unification with new leadership now positions the Yazidis to launch plans, many years in preparation, to assert their sovereignty as an indigenous people in diplomatic relations, under new leadership.


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Think Tank Proves Mass Censorship of Internet & Gives Solutions

Official Report Unveils New Legal Strategy to Enforce Free Speech as Human Rights Against Violating Corporations


Summary:                 An inter-governmental think tank released a shocking exposé report “How to Break Free from Internet Censorship Now”, proving full-scale mass censorship of the Internet by the “tech giants” Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others, and giving solutions for uncensored access to a free and independent Internet.  The report also unveils a new legal strategy for enforcing international law on free speech as human rights, even in domestic Courts, and even against private corporations.


Quotable:                “The only legitimate role of search engines is to provide relevant search results, to facilitate public access to information.  The only legitimate role of social media platforms is to facilitate public access to communications. …  Content carriers have no legal nor moral authority to be self-appointed censors, nor to be self-proclaimed arbiters of Fact or Truth.” – Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes


Press Release:         At the request of the international Judiciary, the Council on Alternative Policy Studies (CAPS), an inter-governmental university think tank, has issued a ground-breaking exposé report proving the shocking reality of full-scale mass censorship of the Internet worldwide, and giving practical solutions for individuals to gain open access to uncensored Internet resources.


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Human Rights Court Protects Foreign Workers in Kuwait

Workers Union Obtains International Court Order for Foreign Teachers Against Threats by Kuwaiti Ministry of Education


Quotable:               “The ‘foreign workers’ in this case are not some privileged visitors…  they are also mostly ethnic Arabs from other ‘developing’ countries… which also suffered damages from wars and revolutions.  So this… is a case of the shared struggle of all peoples in the Middle East striving to collectively escape from poverty.” – Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes


Press Release:       The Human Rights Court Division of the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ), an inter-governmental organization (IGO) of the independent Judiciary profession, issued a Preliminary Court Order on 05 August 2017, opening a class action civil lawsuit and also criminal investigation against the State of Kuwait, for claims of decades of unpaid wages of thousands of foreign teachers, allegedly driven by a policy of discrimination.  The Court ruling also issued a protective order against public threats by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education overtly intimidating workers into not seeking access to Justice with the international Judiciary.


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Non-Profit Rejects $1.0 B Certain Funding to Uphold Principles

Non-Profit University IGO Rejects Imminent $1 Billion Funding Package in Principle, Taking a Stand for Ethics & Human Rights


Summary:         In the spirit of the populist movement of sovereignty versus globalism, a non-profit humanitarian IGO rejected an imminent $1.0 Billion funding package arranged by a private group of an inter-governmental lobbyist.  This was provoked by a last-minute move undermining the sovereignty of the IGO and its affiliates, while violating its strategic contracts for critical infrastructure necessary for its humanitarian operations.  This unprecedented and principled rejection sent “shock-waves of inspiration around the world”.


Quotable:                   “To think that victims of humanitarian crises can be rescued, by a funding package which begins with a globalist model of oppression, already tying the hands of the rescuers, is not philanthropy, but absurdity.” – College of Chambers, Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ)


Press Release – 19 November 2016:           The inter-governmental organization (IGO) Ignita Veritas University (IVU) defiantly rejected an imminent and certain funding package of approximately $1.0 Billion dollars, in protest over the leading lobbyist undermining its strategic contracts and violating its founding principles of defending human rights and freedoms.  Ironically, the grants were supposed to be humanitarian funds, intended to alleviate the international refugee crisis and protect human rights.


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Coalition Mobilizes Support for Yazidi and Christian Refugees

New IGO Addresses Genocide of Yazidis and Christians in Syria and Iraq


Press Release – 06 October 2016:    The ethnic and religious persecution and genocide against the indigenous Yazidi people and Christian groups in Iraq and Syria is one of the most urgent and compelling situations fuelling the international refugee crisis, requiring a special focus within humanitarian relief efforts.


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World Coalition of Refugee Rights Launches Major UN Initiative

New IGO Provides Innovative Sustainable Solutions for the Refugee Crisis


Quotable:                             UN Refugee Agency (UNHR):  “The biggest-ever petition for refugees… a historic week for refugees around the world… WCRR World Coalition of Refugee Rights… was vital in making all this possible.”


Press Release – 28 September 2016:          A new inter-governmental organization (IGO) launched a strategic initiative for United Nations efforts addressing the international refugee crisis, with innovative solutions also protecting rights of people in receiving host countries.


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