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Privacy Policy for Online Services


September 2023


Basis of Privacy Agreement


Scope of Policy – This Privacy Policy governs the policies and procedures of Organization on the collection, use and disclosure of Your information for any Services related to this website or affiliated websites of Organization or its institutions (subdivisions), protecting your privacy rights under applicable law.


The Organization – This Policy applies to Ignita Veritas United (International), and its management company of domestic representation Ignita Veritas United (United States), which is registered as a non-profit incorporated in the State of Delaware, jointly and severally, as “Organization”, collectively represented by its official website <>.


Services Defined – The “Services” means any and all online content or functions provided by this website or affiliated websites of Organization or its institutions (subdivisions), including any related membership platform, community interaction, group collaboration, project management, institutional access, educational or library applications or systems provided to visitors or users.


Agreement by Use – Your Personal Data is used only to provide, support and improve Services which are directly related to any Services which you choose to participate in through this or affiliated websites.  By using any such Services, you agree to the collection and use of relevant information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


Collection and Use of Data


No Marketing Lists – Organization will never sell nor otherwise share your Personal Data with any third parties for any marketing purposes.  Sharing of any Personal Data by Organization shall be strictly limited to its own institutions (subdivisions) or directly affiliated contracting partner institutions, solely for the purpose of supporting or enhancing the Services of Organization which you are registered for.


Personal Data – Organization may ask you to provide some Personal Data, consisting of personally identifiable information, including your email address, name, and phone number, and general profile information for registered users.


Usage Data – The software systems used by Organization for its servers, websites or any access portals for registered users, may automatically collect some Usage Data when using the Services, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your device or computer network, your Internet browser type and version, which of our web pages you visit with dates, times and durations, and potentially unique device identifiers.


Mobile Device – Accessing the Services through a mobile device may cause our systems to automatically collect additional Usage Data, including the mobile device type and operating system, mobile IP address, and potentially unique device identifiers.


Limited Uses – Any and all Personal Data shall only be used to identify you or contact you in connection with providing the Services and related benefits.  Any and all Usage Data shall only be used for analysis to improve the Services, or for diagnostic system maintenance or technical support purposes.


Limited Tracking and Cookies


No External Tracking – Organization will never install nor use any Tracking technologies to track any of your external Internet activities, beyond the internal network of websites or access portals of Organization, its own institutions (subdivisions) or directly affiliated contracting partner institutions.


Only Internal Tracking – The software systems used by Organization for its servers, websites or any access portals for registered users, may automatically use Tracking technologies to track information on user activity on its Services, including web beacons, tags and scripts, and browser cookie files, placed in the browser on your device.


Web Beacons – Some functions of the Services may use Web Beacons, small digital files which allow the system to count page visits or opened emails for related user interaction statistics for analysis and improvement of the Services.


Session Cookies – Some functions of the Services may use Session Cookies, small digital files which are automatically deleted when you close the Internet browser.  These allow users to login and remain logged in during a session using the Services, and are necessary to enable some essential functions of the Services.


Persistent Cookies – Some functions of the Services may use Persistent Cookies, small digital files which remain on your computer or mobile device when you go offline.  These allow the website to remember whether you accepted its use of cookies, remember your login details for easy repeated access, and remember your chosen settings, to avoid re-entering them on every visit to the website.


User Control – You can set your Internet browser settings to refuse all cookies.  However, if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of the Services, and the system might not keep you logged in, and will not remember your settings for using the Services.


Limited Tracking Uses – Any and all internal Tracking technologies shall only be used for the purpose of improving, supporting or enhancing the Services of Organization which you intentionally access or are registered for.


Use of Your Personal Data


Organization may use your Personal Data for the following purposes:


Managing User Account – To provide administrator support for managing your website Account as a registered user of the Services, or use your entered data to activate more functions of the Services which are available to you as a registered user.


Providing Personal Service – To contact you by email, voice calls, texts or other forms of communication, to provide any requested personal services, special offers of private opportunities relevant to your entered preferences, or informative updates when reasonable or necessary to implement upgrades of the Services.


Honouring User Requests – To attend and manage any requests you may make to Organization, and to honour and perform on any contract agreed or contractual terms developed between you and Organization through use of the Services.


Maintaining the Services – To provide and maintain the Services, including to monitor and analyze the volume and trends of usage, to determine the effectiveness of server capacities, public outreach campaigns and public engagement programs, and to otherwise evaluate and improve the Services.


Sharing Your Personal Data


Organization may share your Personal Data in the following situations:


Cooperating Affiliates – In furtherance of Organization requiring the cooperation of or joint operations with its own autonomous institutions (subdivisions) or any directly affiliated contracting partner institutions, involving the necessary use of the Personal Data used in the Services for such joint operations.


Supporting Partners – In furtherance of Organization arranging the support of external contracting partner organizations, to provide you with special offers of private opportunities and benefits relevant to your entered preferences.


Institutional Transfers – In connection with or as a result of any merger, reverse merger, reorganization, or other restructuring of Organization or its relevant institutions (subdivisions), involving the transfer, acquisition or financing of all or a portion of its assets or operations to another organization, in which the Personal Data used in the Services is among the assets needed to be transferred.


Privacy Policy Applies – In the event of the situations in this section, any other organization receiving access to or sharing of the Personal Data shall also be bound to honour the terms of this Privacy Policy as a condition of such access.


Community Disclosures – When you share any personal information in your registered user profile, or otherwise through your interactions with other users in a community hosted by Organization and operated through its Services, such information may become visible to all users of that community, and may eventually be externally distributed by such users publicly.


User Consent to Disclose – Beyond the purposes and situations in this Privacy Policy, for any other purpose or in any other situation, Organization may disclose reasonably relevant information from your Personal Data, only with your direct consent.


Retaining Your Personal Data


Limited Retention – Organization will retain your Personal Data only for as long as necessary for the purposes and situations in this Privacy Policy.  However, we will also retain the data to the extent necessary to resolve known or expected disputes, fulfill our legal obligations, or enforce our legal rights.


Locations of Data – Your Personal Data and related information is processed at Organization’s offices or private working locations, and may be processed by online access in any other places where its officers or staff are located.  As a result, this information may be transferred to or maintained on computers located in another country jurisdiction where data protection laws may differ from your country.


Your consent to this Privacy Policy using the Services, evidenced by your providing such information, constitutes your agreement to that transfer of information.


Organization will use all reasonably necessary means to ensure that your Personal Data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and will not transfer such data to an external organization or country unless adequate data security is applied.


Deleting Your Personal Data


Right to Remove – You have the right to delete or request that we assist in deleting the Personal Data collected from you.  You may update or delete your information at any time by signing in to your Account on our Services platform, and visiting the relevant settings or account section.  You may also use the Contact page on our website to request assistance with managing or deleting your Personal Data.


Exceptions – Please note, however, that Organization may need to retain certain information when we have a legal obligation or a lawful basis to do so.


Disclosure of Your Personal Data


Government Requests – Under some circumstances, Organization may be legally required by law to disclose your Personal Data in response to valid official and lawful requests by law enforcement, a government agency, or a court of law.  The Legal Department of Organization will challenge the validity of any such requests to the maximum extent legally possible.


Lawful Necessity – In other circumstances, Organization may only disclose your Personal Data on the basis of the good faith belief that such is necessary to:  fulfill our legal obligations, defend our legal rights, protect against legal liabilities, ensure the security of our institutions and officers or staff, prevent or investigate possible wrongdoing in connection with the Services, or protect the personal safety of other users of the Services or third parties of the general public.


Security of Your Personal Data


High Security – Organization highly values the security of your Personal Data, and thus manages and processes user data on its own servers, using all available data security methods to the fullest extent practically possible for the systems which operate the Services.


Exceptions – Remember, however, that no method of data transmission over the Internet and no method of electronic storage is completely secure, such that Organization cannot guarantee absolute security of your Personal Data.


Children’s Privacy and Security


Organization does not knowingly address nor collect personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 17.  If you are a parent or legal guardian, and you are aware that your child has provided us with Personal Data, you may use the Contact page on our website to request removal of that data.  If Organization becomes aware that the Services have collected Personal Data from anyone under the age of 17 without verification of parental consent, such data will be removed from our servers.


Other Legal Provisions


Translations – This Privacy Policy may have been automatically translated through available language translation functions of our website or a user Internet browser.  In all cases, only the original English text shall be used to legally determine correct interpretation of its provisions in the event of any dispute.


Changes – Organization reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace this Privacy Policy at any time.  Publication of any updated text containing changes, on the official website of Organization, with an indication of the date of the current or updated version, shall constitute sufficient and effective public notice to all current and potential users of the Services.


Full Agreement – This Policy is issued under the “Terms and Conditions for Online Services” of Organization, as an addendum to that general framework agreement which otherwise governs the Services.  (Click to read Terms and Conditions)


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