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Overview of Ignita Veritas United

Multifunctional Role as International Humanitarian Institution


Multifunctional Role as International Humanitarian InstitutionIgnita Veritas United (IVU) is a union of States, united by humanitarian missions for human rights and national sovereignty, established as an Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO) and not-for-profit (“non-profit”) institution, empowered by its own official authorities as a sovereign subject of international law.






Unifying Central Theme

The central theme which unifies all IVU programs and services, just as it unites its constituent Member States, is “human rights through geopolitical balance and socio-economic prosperity under the rule of law”.


Driven by Academic Truth

The Latin name “Ignita Veritas” (pronounced ‘Ig-neet-a‘) means “Fire of Truth”, or “Light of Truth”. This represents its foundational dedication to the principle that objective factual truth, upheld by verifiably truthful information, is a basic human right, and is the necessary fabric of civilization. For this reason, most of the missions and projects of IVU are primarily driven by the academic and scholarly resources of its namesake Ignita Veritas University (IV University).


Developed by Experience

As an Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO), IVU was developed throughout 22 years (1998-2020) as an “institution of institutions” operated by “groups of groups”, led by governmental and national security contractors, providing shared infrastructure supporting its collective of Member States.


As a result, IVU became the supporting host institution for diverse autonomous Official Bodies and specialized institutions.


Licensed Expert Services

All of the major IVU subdivisions which provide strategic expert services are internationally and governmentally licensed, holding all relevant licenses from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Justice and Ministries of Education of multiple governments, from the collective Member States of the host IGO institution. These licensed authorities are further backed by direct legal authorities in conventional international law.


Law Firm of Barristers

IVU is the IGO host institution for the autonomous Magna Carta Bar Chambers (MCBC) of Barristers providing licensed legal services. This traditional non-profit University Law Center is authorized to provide expert legal support and advisory services, strategic and transactional legal work, as an international law firm for private, governmental or inter-governmental organizations worldwide.


Geopolitics Think Tank

Combining its Law Center and University aspects in the context of international law, IVU is also the host institution for the autonomous Council on Alternative Policy Studies (CAPS), a non-profit geopolitical research institute and Think Tank for governments and civil society organizations, promoting socio-economic prosperity and human rights under international law.


Diplomatic Support

As an Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO) with its own Diplomatic Status, backed by its Law Center and Think Tank, IVU contributes specialized advisory support and technical expertise to assist other inter-governmental institutions, including the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and Royal Alliance of Independent States (RAIS), enabling IVU to effectively contribute to applied geopolitics for real-world impact.


International Justice

IVU is the host institution for the autonomous Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ) as the High Court for international law and human rights, and its companion Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ) as the Common Court for civil litigation and binding arbitration. Both are inter-governmental official Courts of Law of the independent Judiciary Profession, with supra-governmental universal jurisdiction at the highest level of conventional international law, additionally licensed by multiple governments to serve as an official Court of Justice and independent Judiciary body.


Humanitarian Relief

IVU is also the host institution for the autonomous Emergency Relief Agency (ERA), providing governmental protection and consular support to refugees, as part of its intervention and relief for humanitarian crises. The Emergency Relief Agency (ERA) helps refugees by diplomatic support and establishing “safe zones” in their home country or native region, or temporary self-sufficient communities in receiving countries protecting the rights and security of host country citizens, with strategies for sustainable political and socio-economic empowerment.


Higher Education

In the educational sector, IVU provides a governmentally licensed and accredited university educational institution, and separately an internationally licensed accrediting body in its own right. Both of these inter-governmental educational bodies uphold the highest international standards of academia, promoting advancements in the scholarly professions, in cooperation with other accredited universities and academic institutions.


Public Sector Roles

In the public sector, IVU serves as an independent contractor for other inter-governmental organizations or government agencies, providing operational support for international security, protection of national sovereignty, promotion of socio-economic prosperity, upholding international law, and defending civil rights and human rights.


Political Neutrality

In its public-sector roles, IVU serves as an independent inter-governmental organization (IGO) institution, possessing its own official authorities and diplomatic status as a sovereign subject of international law. It thereby maintains political neutrality, is not subject to influence by any particular country, and equally protects the legitimate interests of all sovereign States under international law.


Private Sector Roles

In the private sector, IVU operates a University Law Center, providing licensed services for legal and economic security, as an international law firm. These capabilities can be applied to the protection of national critical infrastructure assets which are operated by private enterprises, professional institutions and non-profit organizations.


Power for Protection

In its private-sector roles, IVU gives private companies and organizations many of the capabilities and advantages which national security agencies use to protect government ministries and departments, and empowers the private sector to operate more freely with less governmental interference.


Multinational Background with Geopolitical Balance


Multinational Background with Geopolitical BalanceIgnita Veritas United (IVU) evolved from decades of development and networking by diverse non-profit organizations, assisted by cooperation with various universities, private government contractors and veterans associations, from multiple countries of different political alignments.


The formation of IVU was inspired by the Western tradition of entrepreneurs applying strong discipline, advanced skills and empowered leadership abilities, as the driving force for prosperity in support of human rights.


It was equally inspired by the Eastern European tradition of scholarly societies and academic associations commanding the attention and respect of governments, as guardians of the public welfare, to contribute educational resources in support of international peace and humanitarian affairs.


While the development of IVU was initially driven by leading world experts from North American and Eastern European academic and governmental circles, it was greatly enhanced by the unique contributions of top university scholars and experts from the Middle East, the African continent, Latin America and the Caribbean.


This diverse underlying academic and cultural background has made IVU and its autonomous IGO Official Bodies fully compatible with the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) of independent countries constituting over 70% of the United Nations General Assembly. As a result, IVU as an institution is organically “mainstream”, with an underlying “grassroots” foundation, while remaining free from undue influence from any particular country.


As an official Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO), Ignita Veritas United (IVU) may be represented by a subsidiary or affiliate non-profit institution incorporated in a domestic jurisdiction, without the IGO itself having any involvement or dependence upon any governmental authority of the country of representation, preserving its independence and sovereignty at the supra-governmental level of conventional international law.


For geopolitical balance and stability, IVU as a sovereign IGO institution constitutionally holds multiple permanent international licenses for its strategic Official Bodies and agencies, from multiple governments of its collective Member States, thus preventing any controlling influence from any particular State.


Sovereign Tax Exempt and Tax Deductible Status


Sovereign Tax Exempt and Tax Deductible StatusIgnita Veritas United (IVU) is a sovereign subject of international law, as an inter-governmental organization (IGO) of diplomatic status, which thus inherently holds the highest level of universal Tax Exempt and Tax Deductible status.


IVU operates, manages and supports a wide range of the full spectrum of non-profit and humanitarian projects. Many projects directly or indirectly support universities, libraries, museums, charitable programs of religious organizations, and other non-profit institutions. The most important strategic missions of IVU humanitarian projects include the protection and enforcement of human rights and the rule of law, including access to Justice.


The Real Reason to Donate

Many entrepreneurs and corporations seek to give donations and grants to humanitarian institutions, typically primarily for (and only to the extent of) benefits of tax deductions to minimize the burdens of taxation. However, few consider a much more compelling reason, driven by some harsh realities:


Corrupt governments and institutions are increasingly dismantling human rights, suppressing the professions, and oppressively regulating businesses, with escalating arbitrary abuses of emergency powers for manufactured crises. This creates a very real risk of losing all of one’s revenues, and even losing all of one’s savings, if one does not donate as much as possible to restoring human rights and the rule of law.


This situation is reminiscent of the anti-smoking campaign slogan during the 1970’s: “If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”. In this case, the motto should be: “If you can’t keep your human rights, you can’t keep your business.”


Sovereign Tax Exempt Status

As a sovereign institution of diplomatic status, IVU holds universal Tax Exempt status under conventional international law, by necessary effect of its sovereign immunity (1974 Charter of Economic Rights of States, Article 2.1; 2004 Convention on Immunities of States, Articles 1, 2.1(b)(iii)). This diplomatic tax exemption is binding on all countries (1969 Convention on Law of Treaties, Article 38), and enforceable in the United States (US Constitution, Article 6 ¶2).


Humanitarian Tax Exemption

As a humanitarian institution chartered by its Member States as Not for Profit (“Non-Profit”), IVU is also generally Tax Exempt by universal standards of customary law, evidenced by the American rule: Any domestic non-profit representation also holds statutory automatic “501(a) Status” as a humanitarian “civic organization for social welfare” and a “society for educational purposes” (US Tax Code, 26 USC §501(a)), and thus by law is wholly exempt from any filings or regulation associated with the popularized “501(c)(3)” status, preserving its independence.


Universal Tax Deductibility

In addition to both sovereign and humanitarian Tax Exempt status, all donations and grants to even foreign branches of IVU are generally Tax Deductible by universal standards of customary law, evidenced by the American rule: All donations “exclusively for charitable or educational purposes”, to a domestic representation (US Tax Code: 26 USC §170(a)(1); §170(c)(2)), or from individuals to its foreign branches (26 USC §170(c)(4)), are automatically Tax Deductible, including donations through an affiliate trustee entity “for the use of” IVU (26 USC §170(c)).


Alternative Tax Deductibility

For countries which severely restrict deducting donations, there is an alternative deduction: As a public government, all IVU revenues support its humanitarian missions. Donation is a form of payment for its services of “facilitating business development by international government contracting and partnership opportunities”, as an inherent result of its charitable projects, which is legally Tax Deductible as “business expenses”. In Australia, this allows an automatic “general deduction” of expenses for “producing assessable income” (1997 Australian Tax Act, Section 8-1(1)).


Exempt from Tax Reporting

Preserving its independence, any registered domestic representation of IVU is also Exempt from all Tax Filing or Reporting requirements by customary law, evidenced by the American rule: A registered “foreign corporation” which does not conduct any commercial “business” in the country (§11(d)), is a “non-profit” with no beneficiary “private shareholders” (§501(c)(4)(B)), and “is a resident of a foreign country” (§884(e)(4)(A))”, is exempt from all filing and reporting (US Tax Code: 26 USC §6001, §6011(a), §6012(a)(2),(8)).


Notices on Authorized Grants Practices

Grants Only as Authorized

All grants and donations intended for the IGO must be made to an authorized Account or appointed Trustee of the IGO, as confirmed in writing by the Office of Inspector General at the time. Grants inherently exclude any conditions of influence, which shall not be accepted. All funds will be used exclusively for the humanitarian missions of the IGO under its constitutional Charter.


Grants Exclude Any Services

All grants intended for the IGO must begin with liquid monetary funds available for immediate humanitarian use. Any support services such as “monetizing assets” are outside the scope of IGO missions and executive functions, and shall not involve the IGO government. (The independent university Law Center can be hired for such purposes by a prepaid retainer.)


Notice on Authorized Official Relations

Relations Only as Authorized

Any and all offers, engagements and contracts of the IGO with any third parties, which may have been discussed with any of its Member Institutions, Executives or Ambassadors, are subject to written approval and ratification by the Directional Secretariat, or by the autonomous governing body of the relevant IGO institution.


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