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Study Aids and Accessibility Tools


This official website features three key Study Aid tools, to enhance reading comprehension for all, assist those who are not accustomed to reading long texts, and provide accessibility for people with dyslexia or autism:


(Available on computers, not on most mobile devices)




Sections Index of Report


All of the topic report pages now have a “Sections Index” in the Left Sidebar, labeled “Sections in this Topic”:


This shows all sections and sub-sections of the current page, with clickable Links directly to each section to focus on a sub-topic.  After clicking a section Link, it enables to Bookmark the current section, to save one’s place, to continue studying from that section later.


The Sections Index greatly helps reading comprehension, by simply reviewing the list of sections before reading the report.  This serves as an Overview and Outline of the current report page, to understand what topics it proves.


(On mobile devices, this is a Header at the top above the page content.)




Speak Text Reader


The “Speak Text” button (bottom right) is a text-to-speech reader, which works in combination with the Translate Flags (top).


In any language, chosen using the Translate Flags, Select Text and press the Play button, and it will read the text aloud in a native voice for that language.


(You may need to Refresh Page after changing languages on the same page, for the text reader to load the voice for that language.)




Yellow Highlighting


Selecting Text (with mouse) now shows “Yellow Highlighting”.


This is a strong visual aid to help focus on one part at a time for reading, reducing distractions.  It is even more effective in combination with the Speak Text reading the Yellow Highlighted text aloud.


(For both Speak Text and Yellow Highlighting, “Triple Click” of the mouse selects a whole paragraph.)


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