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Stopping Unlawful False Defamation


How to Defend Against the Criminal Agenda of Defamation


This report is provided as a Public Service, to help protect all humanitarian and professional services organizations against false Defamation as sabotage, and protect the People from fraud depriving them of the benefits of such services.




Counter Defamation with Truth


The best way to counter and neutralize false Defamation is to expose its deceptive methods, and then show verifiable Truth, to help people focus on the merits and substance of legitimacy.


The first Truth to show, should be how Defamation reveals a criminal mind of the accuser.  For this, IVU published the report “Exposing Unlawful False Defamation”.


Sharing that report should greatly help to expose the standard methods of Defamation attacks, empowering the People to see through the deceptions, to focus on the merits and substance of the institution or project working to serve humanity.


(Click for Exposing Defamation report)


The next Truth to show, should be specific laws proving that false Defamation is in fact a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.  For this, IVU published the report “False Defamation as a Criminal Offense”.


Sharing that report will serve as a deterrent to defamers, and show the audience or third parties that defamers are criminals who cannot be trusted nor believed.


(Click for Criminal Defamation report)


The final Truth to show, is evidence of legitimacy of the organization.  This report is designed to give strategies and guidance on how to best accomplish that.




Do Not Debate Attacker’s Points


The essential method of all Defamation attacks is for the defamer to dismiss all possible evidence, taking all positive facts out of context to pervert into negative fears.  The strategy is to “wear out” both the victim and the audience, until everyone is exhausted and frustrated, and all of them “give up” on the target institution or project.


This can give the impression that the defamer is somehow “demonically possessed”, by what can best be described as a “petty bickering spirit”.  That is a trap.  The defamer wants their target to get caught up in never-ending petty bickering on his own false points, because it further distracts the audience from being receptive to the Truth.


Therefore, do not engage to debate the attacker’s points.  One must “turn the tables”
against the defamer, by exposing their own false Defamation tactics.  The best way to do that, is to share the IVU reports “Exposing Defamation” and “Criminal Defamation” (links above).




Do Not Give Fuel to Attacker


In order to be dismissive and derisive of all evidence, defamers usually need to first demand such evidence, which they only use as “more fuel” or “more ammunition” for continued attacks.  Therefore, do not give evidence to the attacker.


This requires having a well justified good answer to the false demands to “prove” the matter, which will both neutralize the defamer and also satisfy the audience:


For professional organizations, perhaps the best answer is: “We do not give evidence to people who are already lying about our legitimacy as false defamation.  We will give it directly to genuine potential clients and partners who have a right to see it.


For more official institutions, perhaps the best answer is: “We do not give evidence to provocateurs making false accusations for sabotage.  If you continue such illegal attacks, then we will give all our evidence directly to law enforcement, to have you criminally prosecuted for your own fraud interfering with legitimate services.


Therefore, perhaps the best way to expose and counter false Defamation attacks, because all Defamation is made to an audience, is simply to share this Report with the audience.  For everyone in the audience who reads it, the defamers will then only discredit themselves by their own destructive behaviour.




Continue Making Improvements


Despite defamers inventing false accusations and raising false issues, they can be made useful by their targets for practical purposes, because they do reveal areas of likely public concerns or misperceptions which can be addressed more effectively.


When the targets make good use of this, in a way, the defamers are actually “working for” the project or institution, without even knowing it, despite trying to cause harm.


During and after any Defamation attack, and to prevent future attacks to the extent possible, it is very important for the institution to make substantial improvements in its documentary evidence, and related presentations, proving legitimacy.


Upgrades and improvements in actual legal or official status, and in presentations, can effectively make defamation points obsolete, by strengthening legal positions and evidence, and removing any outdated claims which are unnecessary.


As a result of such upgrades, past defamation (i.e. on the Internet) can be left criticizing points which are no longer even claimed by the target individual or institution, thereby further discrediting the defamers.




Prepare Ready Evidence Packages


When one’s business or non-profit organization begins to experience Defamation attacks, this means that it started being taken seriously as having real potential for meaningful positive impact, which provokes such illegal attacks as sabotage.


At that stage, it is time to prepare “Evidence Packages” proving legitimacy for the organization, and usually also for its founders or top executives, who are typically targets of Ad Hominem personal attacks because they must represent it.


Evidence Packages should include color copies of any licenses or registrations, memberships, letters confirming contracts, certificates, and all such documents proving the legitimacy and capabilities of the organization.


Each package should have a cover letter, listing every document with a one-paragraph summary highlighting what points each document proves.  This allows busy recipients to immediately understand what has been proven, without effort.


Such Evidence Packages should be given only directly and privately to genuine potential clients or partners, possible grant donors, or similar participants who are verified as having a justified “need to know”.


Defamers rely on absurd demands for instant complete evidence, to incite the audience or third parties to unreasonably expect the same.  They also rely on escalating petty bickering about false talking points, to confuse or discourage the audience.  Having Evidence Packages ready to quickly deliver, blocks both tactics:


In a forum or social media chat, one can simply reply:  “We have Evidence Packages which we routinely provide to genuine interested parties, and have already given to many people in this group, proving your baseless accusations false.


For expert help by qualified International Barristers of the Independent Legal Profession, to develop Evidence Packages officially issued with international law firm certification, organizations can hire the IVU law center “Magna Carta Bar Chambers”.


(Click for Law Center overview)




File Official Criminal Complaint


Defamers mistakenly think their attacks will not be punished, because filing a civil lawsuit for “libel” and “slander” is very expensive, and false Defamation often damages revenues so severely that even a large business cannot cover the costs.  Also, most Courts fail to handle defendants or enforcement in foreign countries.


However, filing a Criminal Complaint with evidence, directly to law enforcement agencies, is essentially free.  This can be leveraged to compel Internet platforms to remove Defamation content and ban the defamers.  It also establishes the legal basis for many other counter-measures.


False Defamation is actually a serious criminal offence, when it constitutes Fraud intended to cause loss by falsely damaging a professional reputation to interfere with honest lawful services.


This is punishable in the United States by 20 years in prison (18 US Code §1346, §1343), in the United Kingdom by 10 years in prison (UK Fraud Act 2006, §2(1), 5(2), §1(3)(b), and in Australia by 5-15 years in prison (AUS Criminal Code 2002, §§333(3)-334).


(Click for Criminal Defamation report)


Therefore, the targets of false Defamation should file a formal written Criminal Complaint with the relevant law enforcement agencies, in the defamer’s country, and if different also in the target’s country.


Note that defamers cannot file a false criminal complaint against their target, neither to preempt nor retaliate for reporting them to law enforcement.  This is because “making false statements to authorities” is universally a serious crime in all countries, usually punishable by many years of imprisonment (i.e. 18 US Code §1001; UK Criminal Law Act 1967, §5(2); Australia Crimes Act 1900 §319).



Preparing the Criminal Complaint


An effective Criminal Complaint should quote and cite specific laws being violated, and connect those to available evidence of specific acts which are violations.  It should be backed by a supporting package of all evidence mentioned in the Complaint.  This greatly helps motivate both law enforcement and prosecutors to take action.


To help you prepare your own Criminal Complaint, the IVU free report “False Defamation as a Criminal Offense” provides specific laws proving that false Defamation is in fact a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.


(Click for Criminal Defamation report)


For expert help by qualified International Barristers of the Independent Legal Profession, to develop a Criminal Complaint officially issued with international law firm certification, organizations can hire the IVU law center “Magna Carta Bar Chambers”.


(Click for Law Center overview)



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