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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Think Tank Proves Mass Censorship of Internet & Gives Solutions

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Official Report Unveils New Legal Strategy to Enforce Free Speech as Human Rights Against Violating Corporations


Summary:                 An inter-governmental think tank released a shocking exposé report “How to Break Free from Internet Censorship Now”, proving full-scale mass censorship of the Internet by the “tech giants” Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others, and giving solutions for uncensored access to a free and independent Internet.  The report also unveils a new legal strategy for enforcing international law on free speech as human rights, even in domestic Courts, and even against private corporations.


Quotable:                “The only legitimate role of search engines is to provide relevant search results, to facilitate public access to information.  The only legitimate role of social media platforms is to facilitate public access to communications. …  Content carriers have no legal nor moral authority to be self-appointed censors, nor to be self-proclaimed arbiters of Fact or Truth.” – Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes


Press Release:         At the request of the international Judiciary, the Council on Alternative Policy Studies (CAPS), an inter-governmental university think tank, has issued a ground-breaking exposé report proving the shocking reality of full-scale mass censorship of the Internet worldwide, and giving practical solutions for individuals to gain open access to uncensored Internet resources.


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Human Rights Court Protects Foreign Workers in Kuwait

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Workers Union Obtains International Court Order for Foreign Teachers Against Threats by Kuwaiti Ministry of Education


Quotable:               “The ‘foreign workers’ in this case are not some privileged visitors…  they are also mostly ethnic Arabs from other ‘developing’ countries… which also suffered damages from wars and revolutions.  So this… is a case of the shared struggle of all peoples in the Middle East striving to collectively escape from poverty.” – Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes


Press Release:       The Human Rights Court Division of the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ), an inter-governmental organization (IGO) of the independent Judiciary profession, issued a Preliminary Court Order on 05 August 2017, opening a class action civil lawsuit and also criminal investigation against the State of Kuwait, for claims of decades of unpaid wages of thousands of foreign teachers, allegedly driven by a policy of discrimination.  The Court ruling also issued a protective order against public threats by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education overtly intimidating workers into not seeking access to Justice with the international Judiciary.


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