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Mission and Purpose of IVU Institutions


Ignita Veritas United (IVU) is the “Next Generation” of intergovernmental organization (IGO), based upon applying ancient Golden Age knowledge, restoring the classical institutions of civilization, to provide the time-tested solutions to the timeless problems of the modern world.


Reestablishing authentic traditional institutions is necessary to empower the Peoples of the Nations, restoring Peoples Rights under the rule of law, by returning to the real international law of human rights and national sovereignty.


To those who only know or only believe in the modern systems of dominant countries and globalist agencies, which have been increasingly corrupted by elitist political factions against the People, this may seem like “Mission: Impossible”.


However, the binding rules of genuine international law, recognized and codified by all countries in the world representing their Peoples, but overlooked or disregarded by the modern professions of law and academia, reveal that this is not only possible, but indeed is required by law.


Because IVU was solidly built upon the real international law for the People, with its own sovereign jurisdiction and official legal authority, thus fully independent from the modern governments and agencies, this is in fact “Mission: Possible”.




Mission and Purpose Statement




The essential mission of IVU is to provide independent official institutions with international legal authority, by a return to the real international law of human rights and national sovereignty under the rule of law, to uphold the pillars of civilization for the Peoples of the Nations of free and independent States.




The primary purpose of this mission is to empower the People with freedom of choice, by access to alternative intergovernmental institutions dedicated to providing official support for Peoples Rights, to restore a balance of powers representing the People.




Capabilities to Fulfill the Mission




As necessary for this mission and purpose, all IVU institutions are established with true sovereignty, operating in the neutral and universal jurisdiction of international law, free from the dominance of corrupt systems or oppressive political factions.




The IVU institutions exist and operate in their own independent sovereign jurisdiction, empowered by mandates of the modern conventions of “conventional international law”, ratified by essentially every country on the planet, which recognized and codified ancient timeless rules of historical “customary international law”.




By exercising sovereign legal authorities in the jurisdiction of real international law, IVU institutions can never be required to be dependent on any permission from nor registration with any international agency nor country, and thus maintain strict independence from dominant globalist organizations and territorial countries.




The independence of IVU institutions requires restoring and protecting genuine independent professions, which are necessary to upholding the pillars of civilization.  This includes the Independent Legal Profession, Independent Judiciary Profession, and independent Academia based in objective factual knowledge.


Therefore, IVU necessarily provides the intergovernmental institutions required to empower such professions, based upon its own sovereign legal authorities in the independent jurisdiction of international law, meeting or exceeding all international standards of qualifications and quality for effectiveness.


Public Need


The sovereign independence of IVU, legally established in and empowered by the independent jurisdiction of international law, is of great necessity, to meet the most essential and compelling needs of the People of the Nations.


Indeed, it is the modern reliance on seeking permission from dominant agencies and countries which has led to the systematic dismantling of human rights, and the near collapse of civilization.  Therefore, IVU must assert its own independent official authorities, to provide the necessary support to the People.




Solid Legal Basis of Authority


The official status of IVU and its IGO official bodies is established directly from the modern framework of conventions recognizing international law, which are binding upon all countries (1969 Law of Treaties, Article 38), and also binding upon the United Nations (UN) (2012 Declaration on Rule of Law, Article 2).


All relevant rules of law are fully presented, in detail with specific section numbers, throughout the IVU website and its IGO documents and materials, as complete and verifiable evidence, giving public legal notice of its official status.


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A concise presentation and educational package for effective practical use of conventional international law is provided on the following webpage:


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