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Constitutional Sovereign Charter Treaty


Ignita Veritas United (IVU) was established by a “world class” constitutional Charter treaty, developed throughout over a decade by multiple international law firms supported by university law faculties, which meets or exceeds all international standards for a founding Charter of an intergovernmental organization (IGO).




Law on Validity of a Founding Charter Treaty


Codified international law establishes that the legal entity of an IGO is validly created and exists, with full legitimacy of official legal status and authority, solely by its constitutional Charter treaty, established by its founding Member States, exclusively by their own sovereign authority and independent jurisdiction:


The 1969 Convention on the Law of Treaties establishes that an “international organization means an intergovernmental organization [IGO]” (Article 2.1(i)), and confirms that “the constituent instrument of an international organization”, meaning the founding constitutional Charter of an IGO, is a “treaty” (Article 5);


It also declares that “a treaty enters into force” as determined exclusively by “the negotiating [founding] States” ratifying the Charter (Article 24.1-2);


It further declares that the “depositary” agent for “registration” and “publication” of the Charter is determined solely “by the negotiating [founding] States” themselves, who can designate their own IGO as the depositary (Article 76.1).


Therefore, for any international agency or country to claim that an IGO supposedly requires any permission or registration, from the United Nations or any country, would be legally and factually false, and would be an illegal violation of the immunity of sovereign jurisdiction of the founding Member States of the IGO.


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Sovereign Charter of Ignita Veritas United


The founding Charter treaty, which established Ignita Veritas United (IVU) as an intergovernmental organization (IGO), is actually a sovereign “Constitution” of statehood.  This is the legal instrument which independently, exclusively and legally invokes its official powers and authorities under conventional international law.


The Sovereign Charter of IVU is a “self-proving” legal instrument, because it includes direct quotes and source references of specific provisions of international law, proving all of its official powers and authorities.  As a result, the Charter is “self-contained”, fully presenting the relevant legal bases as evidence within each section.


Like any national Constitution of a country, this IGO Charter is written in plain language, understandable by the general public, but also fully explains any legal concepts needed to understand its official capacities.  Thus, it is both accessible for beginners, and also satisfying for experts.



Click to read IVU Sovereign Charter

Click to read IVU Sovereign Charter


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