Yazidi People Celebrate Sovereign Democratic Election of Ruling Prince (Emir) Naif bin Dawud bin Sulaiman


Summary:                Over 500 Yazidi tribal leaders, representing the Yazidi People worldwide, completed a democratic election monitored by an international Court, with an official Coronation under Yazidi law and international law, reasserting their indigenous sovereignty, reestablishing the Ezidkhan Principality (Emirate), and electing Chief Prince Naif bin Dawud bin Sulaiman as Ruling Prince (Emir) of the restored Yazidi nation state.


Press Release:       Yazidi tribal leaders, with an overwhelming representative electorate, reclaimed their ethnic identity and independence from the Kurds, reasserting their indigenous sovereignty by legalizing a democratic election of Chief Prince Naif bin Dawud bin Sulaiman, completing a traditional Coronation Ceremony, and ratifying an official Coronation Letters Patent legal instrument.


The movement and democratic election began with a Diplomatic Address speech to Yazidi leaders by Prince Judge Matthew in March 2019, as Chief Inspector General of the supporting inter-governmental organization (IGO) Ignita Veritas United (IVU), and as King’s Counsel for the supporting Royal Alliance of Independent States (RAIS).


The official Coronation Ceremony, a traditional religious ceremony under ancient Yazidi law, was conducted by Yazidi Tribal Leaders, gathered at the top of Mount Sinjar, in the Chibl-Qassim Temple on 04 August 2019.  A video of the Coronation was broadcast by both Yazidi television channels “Ezidi 24” and “Ezidkhan TV” in Iraq.


The Coronation event was held one day after the five-year Commemoration anniversary of the 2014 genocide of Yazidis by the “Daesh” Islamic State, making this event a demonstration of the courage and resilience of the Yazidi People.


Election monitoring was conducted by the inter-governmental Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ).  Signatures on a legal Coronation Letters Patent were collected during a period of four months since April, officially ratified on 19 August 2019, and certified by the Chief Justice of the SCIJ High Court on 29 August 2019.

The Judiciary Certification document specified that the Yazidi signatories were “507 representative Yazidi leaders, including:  40 Princes of the ruling Royal House of Dawud Bak of the Qatani Sheikhs, 30 Religious leaders, 140 Tribal leaders, 59 Political & Government leaders, and 238 Army and Police officers”, all “proportionally representative of the general population of the Yazidi People worldwide.”


The announcement of this democratic election and Coronation comes in response to a full month of Yazidi outrage and mass protests against the illegal attempt of the Barzani faction of the Kurdistan government to unilaterally appoint and declare a claimed “Emir” (Chief Prince) of the independent Yazidis.


The Judiciary Certification letter declared:  “The Court takes Judicial notice of the… ancient Yazidi ‘Rule of Succession’ and ‘Rule of Coronation’ for the Ezidkhan throne, which conclusively proves that Ruling Prince (Emir) Naif is the only qualified and rightful successor under Yazidi law in customary international law.”

“Therefore, the Court officially recognizes Sovereign Chief Prince Naif bin Dawud bin Sulaiman as the only lawfully and democratically elected Head of State, as Ruling Prince (Emir) of the legalized and reestablished Ezidkhan Principality (Emirate) as the indigenous nation state of the Yazidi People worldwide, as a sovereign subject of international law in diplomatic relations.”


The Court also documented illegal election interference by the Barzani leadership of Kurdistan:

“Two Advisors on behalf of the Kurdistan ‘Prime Minister’ publicly commanded all Yazidis to recognize the disqualified [candidate] unilaterally appointed by the Barzani faction… [as] unlawful political pressure on Yazidi Tribal Leaders, while Barzani Kurdistan armed forces control ‘security’ and access to Yazidi ancestral lands, thus constituting a clearly implied threat of serious bodily harm by military force.”

“Therefore… this democratic election was successfully completed courageously in defiance of illegal pressure and threats by the Barzani leading faction of the Kurdistan government.”


The Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ) is an official Court of Law and international Court of Justice of the independent Judiciary profession, with universal jurisdiction, as a High Court at Common Law for human rights and international law cases.  SCIJ is recognized as an “inter-governmental organization” (IGO) by United Nations Registration No. 666976.  It exercises inherent statutory powers and supra-governmental authorities of the Judiciary under the UN framework of conventional law, which is binding upon all countries regardless of recognition (UN Independence of Judiciary, Preamble: 1, 10, Articles 3, 4, 7; UN Law of Treaties, Article 38).


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Press Agency:  The facts and contents of this authorized Press Release are certified and reported by Barristers of the Magna Carta Bar Chambers (MCBC), an international law firm and university law center supporting projects of public interest of its institutional and governmental clients, licensed by multiple governments including the inter-governmental organization (IGO) Ignita Veritas United.