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Return and Refund Policy


September 2023


Basis of Transactions Agreement


Scope of Policy – This Return and Refund Policy governs any Subscriptions or Purchases and also Donations made through any Services related to this website or affiliated websites of Organization or its institutions (subdivisions), protecting your consumer rights under applicable law.


The Organization – This Policy applies to Ignita Veritas United (International), and its management company of domestic representation Ignita Veritas United (United States), which is registered as a non-profit incorporated in the State of Delaware, jointly and severally, as “Organization”, collectively represented by its official website <>.


Services Defined – The “Services” means any and all online content or functions provided by this website or affiliated websites of Organization or its institutions (subdivisions), including any related membership platform, community interaction, group collaboration, project management, institutional access, educational or library applications or systems provided to visitors or users.


Agreement by Use – This Return and Refund Policy applies to any Services which you choose to participate in through this or affiliated websites, and applies to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Services.  By accessing or using such Services, you agree to be bound by this Policy, as a condition of such access or use.


Cancelling a Subscription


Subscription Defined – A “Subscription” is a recurring automatic payment, whether directly as a fee, or indirectly as a donation to humanitarian missions of Organization as a substitute for a fee, which activates user registration and access to the Services.


Right to Cancel – You are entitled to cancel your Subscription to any of the Services, without needing to give any reason for cancellation, at any time.  That will terminate all further monthly or recurring payments after cancellation.


Procedure – To cancel your Subscription, you must use the relevant Subscription or Account function of the online system on which you subscribed, or if none, then you must inform Organization through the Contact form on its official website, clearly requesting a cancellation, identifying your account, and specifying which Subscription is to be cancelled.


Non-Refundable – All Subscriptions are clearly labeled as “Donations” for immediate use to cover real costs of the non-profit humanitarian operations of Organization, and are thus Non-Refundable.


Limited Refund – In the event that after cancellation of a Subscription, an automated system of the Services charges another recurring payment by error, Organization shall refund that payment, and take measures to ensure effective cancellation.


In this case, you must inform Organization through the Contact form on its official website, within 7 calendar days after the 30-day billing cycle, clearly requesting a refund, identifying your account, and specifying which Subscription was cancelled and the cancellation date.


Cancelling a Purchase


Purchase Defined – A “Purchase” is a payment for a transaction to receive one or more Products which are standard tangible items subject to physical delivery, and thus are subject to return by delivery, which are suitable for resale to others.


Exclusions – Any digital product which due to electronic copies cannot be meaningfully returned, any special-order product which is made to specifications or personalized, and any hand-made or made-to-order product which is produced only because of the user’s request, is excluded from eligible Purchases, and cannot be returned nor refunded.


Time Limit – You are entitled to cancel your Purchase of standard tangible products, without needing to give any reason for cancellation, within 7 calendar days after the products were delivered to the shipping address used for the Purchase.


Procedure – To cancel your Purchase, you must use the Return function of the online system on which the Purchase was made, or if none, then you must inform Organization through the Contact form on its official website, clearly requesting a return and refund, identifying the purchaser, and specifying the products to be returned and their Purchase date.  Organization shall then provide the return shipping address relevant to the particular products.


Return – You are responsible for the shipping cost and delivery risk of returning the Products to the return address provided by Organization.  It is thus recommended that you use an insured and trackable mail or shipping service for this purpose.  Organization cannot be held responsible nor give a refund for Products which are damaged or lost in a return shipment.


Refund – Organization will refund the full Purchase amount to or by your payment method used for the Purchase, without any fees or deduction, no later than 14 calendar days after the returned products are received by Organization.


Conditions – To be eligible for a return, the Products from a cancelled Purchase must be in the original packaging, clean and in like-new condition, and otherwise in a condition suitable for resale to others.  Organization reserves the right to refuse returns of any Products which do not meet these conditions at our sole discretion.


Cancelling a Donation


Fundraising Separate – Any donation to a fundraising campaign of Organization, because it is a voluntary gift for a humanitarian cause, regardless of whether any benefits or professional services related to that cause are provided as incentives or as matching funds in-kind for the fundraising campaign, does not constitute and thus is excluded from Subscriptions or Purchases.


Any donations to a fundraising campaign shall be governed separately by this Cancelling a Donation section of the Return and Refund Policy.


No Refunds Generally – Applicable laws on non-profit institutions generally prohibit refunds of voluntary donations intended for charitable purposes (i.e. United Kingdom Charities Act 2011, Section 253).  Applicable laws on consumer protection generally require refunds only in limited cases of correcting unauthorized transactions or administrative error.


Limited Circumstances – Donations are refunded in Limited Circumstances, only if made unknowingly by unauthorized use of a lost or stolen credit card, or by administrative error of accidental double payment or a wrong amount (for which the difference can be refunded), if notified within 7 calendar days after the 30-day billing cycle.  A refund may also be made for a recurring monthly donation charged which was previously cancelled.


Special Circumstances – For a fundraising campaign, donations may be refunded in Special Circumstances, only if Organization is unable to use funds raised for a specific purpose, or such specific purpose has not been fulfilled in accordance with written terms and conditions of the fundraising campaign, only if donations remain available to be released back to the donor.


However, no refund is possible if the donation has already been applied to a charitable purpose, whether a declared specific purpose or closely related supporting purpose.  Organization will make best efforts to maintain a limited reserve for refunds, up to 7 days after each batch of donations from fundraising, after which it will not be possible to make any refunds.


Therefore, any refund of a donation in Special Circumstances must be requested within 7 calendar days from the date of payment.


Conditions of Refund – In all circumstances, refunds of donations will be at the discretion of Organization.  For substantial amounts, any refund may have to be made after other new donations are received for Organization, for funds to be available.  Organization reserves the right to deduct any bank fees or transaction charges relating to a donation from the amount of any refund.


Standard Policy Details – Detailed explanations and evidence that this policy on Cancelling a Donation meets or exceeds all international standards used by other major non-profits, are provided in the report “Refund Policy for Non-Profit Donations”.  (Click to read Donations Refund Policy report).


Professional Services Separate


Any payment for professional services, based upon qualified members of a specialized profession providing expert work product, regardless of whether paid as a retainer, service fees, project budget, or group contributions to a collective project budget, does not constitute and thus is excluded from Subscriptions or Purchases.


Any professional services shall be governed by the separate and customary terms and conditions of engagement agreements standard to the profession, and refunds may be provided subject to compliance with client obligations under such agreement.


Other Legal Provisions


Translations – This Return and Refund Policy may have been automatically translated through available language translation functions of our website or a user Internet browser.  In all cases, only the original English text shall be used to legally determine correct interpretation of its provisions in the event of any dispute.


Changes – Organization reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace this Return and Refund Policy at any time.  Publication of any updated text containing changes, on the official website of Organization, with an indication of the date of the current or updated version, shall constitute sufficient and effective public notice to all current and potential users of the Services.


Full Agreement – This Policy is issued under the “Terms and Conditions for Online Services” of Organization, as an addendum to that general framework agreement which otherwise governs the Services.  (Click to read Terms and Conditions)


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