Non-Profit University IGO Rejects Imminent $1 Billion Funding Package in Principle, Taking a Stand for Ethics & Human Rights


Summary:         In the spirit of the populist movement of sovereignty versus globalism, a non-profit humanitarian IGO rejected an imminent $1.0 Billion funding package arranged by a private group of an inter-governmental lobbyist.  This was provoked by a last-minute move undermining the sovereignty of the IGO and its affiliates, while violating its strategic contracts for critical infrastructure necessary for its humanitarian operations.  This unprecedented and principled rejection sent “shock-waves of inspiration around the world”.


Quotable:                   “To think that victims of humanitarian crises can be rescued, by a funding package which begins with a globalist model of oppression, already tying the hands of the rescuers, is not philanthropy, but absurdity.” – College of Chambers, Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ)


Press Release – 19 November 2016:           The inter-governmental organization (IGO) Ignita Veritas University (IVU) defiantly rejected an imminent and certain funding package of approximately $1.0 Billion dollars, in protest over the leading lobbyist undermining its strategic contracts and violating its founding principles of defending human rights and freedoms.  Ironically, the grants were supposed to be humanitarian funds, intended to alleviate the international refugee crisis and protect human rights.


The funding project went wrong, after eight months of development, only two weeks before expected disbursement of funds, when the leading lobbyist revealed his private group’s policies reflecting a globalist model of centralized control.  Such practices violate the principles of decentralized autonomy, national sovereignty, and individual civil liberties and human rights under international law, upon which the IGO was founded.


A Spokesman for the World Coalition of Refugee Rights (WCRR), an official body of the IGO, described the unfolding conflict:

“Our focus was to provide innovative solutions to save refugees while protecting rights of citizens of the host countries.  The focus of the funding group was only to increasingly demand control over every department of every institution and affiliate in sight.  Our capabilities were mostly abused for their own self-glorification, not for the humanitarian projects.”


A Spokesman for the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of Ignita Veritas best summarized the end result of the funding group’s policies:

“Human rights and freedoms depend on meritocracy.  This requires the autonomy of departments and a diversity of talents, with a balance of powers.  For one centralized group to insist upon controlling every position at every level of every department, is not meritocracy, but dictatorship.  To coerce such control as an unethical condition of supposed charitable funding, is not philanthropy, but economic slavery.  Imagine how the suffering refugees would be treated under such policies.”


A Senior Lawyer from Magna Carta Bar Chambers (MCBC) explained the primary reason for rejecting the funding package:

“Accepting this funding with the last-minute conditions would deprive the institutions of their most powerful infrastructure and capabilities for humanitarian impact.  We would be reduced to just an over-glorified non-profit giving ‘lip service’ to charity.  The founders, executives and staff could have all boosted their careers using $1 Billion just for show.  But we built these institutions for 10 whole years to help humanity, not for ourselves.  We would rather wait for a better source of genuine philanthropy.”


The College of Chambers of the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ), an official body of the IGO, made a statement highlighting a geopolitical angle:

“Sovereignty, not globalism, is the key to restoring and protecting human rights.  It is the failed policies of globalism, violating the principles of sovereignty in the UN Charter, which caused the worst human suffering in history, through state-sponsored terrorism, and the resulting international refugee crisis.  To think that victims of humanitarian crises can be rescued, by a funding package which begins with a globalist model of oppression, already tying the hands of the rescuers, is not philanthropy, but absurdity.”


Pontiff Khern Oliver of the Ancient Apostolic Church, the 12th century canonical Pontificate of the 1st century denomination of Ancient Catholicism, one of the founding Member States of the IGO, explained:

“Jesus taught that a corrupt tree cannot grow good fruit, and thus should be cast into the fire.  Likewise, a funding package with unethical conditions cannot grow true charitable results, so the grant offer was righteously rejected.  This is a bold and shining example of how Jesus said to ‘enter not unto temptation’.”  (Matthew 7:18-19, 26:41)


Prince Judge Matthew, Grand Master of the Order of the Temple of Solomon, the 12th century historical institution of the original Knights Templar, also one of the founding Member States, noted:

“The Temple Rule of Saint Bernard reminds us that God is with us, whenever we ‘forego the deceiving world and despise it’.  That means to reject all unethical materialism, as the best way to attract real abundance by the Grace of God.  This is the only way to maintain sovereignty, to uphold the ancient principles of Chivalry, as true defenders of humanity and guardians of Justice.” (Rule 9)


A Spokesman for the International Center for Legal Consultancy (ICLC) law firm based in Egypt, reported:

“This unprecedented rejection has sent shock-waves of inspiration around the world.  It is the ultimate expression of humanity spitting in the face of tyranny, literally throwing a billion dollars back in its face.  Our law firm’s office in the Netherlands associates this with the populist movement against globalism, returning power to the people.  It has already attracted the interest of the Muslim-Christian Unity Movement led by Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo.  Reportedly, it has also come to the attention of the Vatican in Rome.”


The opportunity for world-class funding was reportedly indirectly facilitated by the Vatican, which had generously sent an unofficial envoy to assist two Member States of Ignita Veritas in establishing relations within United Nations circles.  The IGO Member States express gratitude to the Vatican for making sincere efforts to provide very real expert support.


The funding package was offered to Ignita Veritas by a private group led by an inter-governmental lobbyist, which conducts lobbying in the United Nations, and had arranged multiple grants of hundreds of millions, totaling an estimated $1.0 Billion.  The IGO notes that the UN itself only supports humanitarian cooperation, and had no involvement in the policies or practices of the independent lobbyist’s private group.


As a direct result of Ignita Veritas rejecting that funding on 03 November 2016, within exactly 24 hours, the IGO received a better opportunity from genuinely philanthropic groups, who were highly inspired and motivated by IVU taking such a strong stand for uncompromising ethics and values.  A new funding package, based solely upon proven merits of the IGO, with no preconditions, was already established by 19 November 2016, and is in the process of being implemented by sincere philanthropists.


Ignita Veritas University (IVU) is a non-profit United Nations level inter-governmental organization (IGO), dedicated to “human rights, geopolitical and economic security under the rule of law”, supporting access to Justice under mandate of UN Right to Remedy (Articles 2(b), 3(c), 11(a), 12) and UN Principles of Justice (Articles 4, 6, 7).  As an IGO, it exercises autonomous statehood under UN Jurisdictional Immunities (Articles 2.1(b)(iii), 5) as a sovereign subject of international law under UN Law of Treaties (Articles 3, 38).


Press Agency:  The facts and contents of this authorized Press Release are certified and reported by Magna Carta Bar Chambers (MCBC), an international law firm and autonomous body of the UN-level inter-governmental organization (IGO) Ignita Veritas University, supporting projects of public interest of its institutional and governmental clients.