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Magna Carta Bar Chambers


Primary Practice Areas of Legal Services


MCBC Primary Practice Areas & SpecialtiesThe primary law practice areas of Magna Carta Bar Chambers (MCBC) concentrate on applications of international law, national sovereignty, legal rights, civil and human rights which are fundamental to upholding the Rule of Law.


Popular expert legal services of the Bar Chambers (MCBC) include certified Barristers Opinions to support strategic rights or projects, legal support for international commercial and financial transactions, economic security for institutional stability and anti-fraud protection measures, legal security for operational continuity, legal and economic security for protection of critical infrastructure resources.


Rare and highly specialized legal services of the Bar Chamber (MCBC) include development of constitutional, governmental and diplomatic infrastructure for sovereign institutions (including historical or indigenous States), modernizing historical claims under customary law as demonstrable rights under conventional international law, handling the unique legal issues of ecclesiastical, nobiliary or royal institutions.


Governmental services also include strategic advisory support to navigate geopolitical trends and situations, and special envoy negotiation support for alternative channels of diplomatic relations.




Legal Support for Economic Security


Legal Support for Economic SecurityOne of the most prominent weapons widely used to violate international law, human rights and the Rule of Law, is “economic warfare” and violation of economic human rights. Thus, the sphere of “economic security” is an important part of upholding the Rule of Law, which requires legal defense for the protection of both governments and citizens alike.


All investment activity requires economic security measures to prevent fraud, avoid transaction risk, and also mitigate geopolitical risk which can undermine the stability of even legitimate and effective investment vehicles. All investment-related transactions also require “banking compliance” practices which must navigate a combination of legal, political and economic security issues.


Even sovereign wealth funds and national economic funds need protection from both political and legal risks of investing in foreign countries. Private and commercial investors need even more expert resources, for both foreign and domestic investments.


Applying legal aspects of economic security, in the context of international governmental cooperation and law enforcement facilitation, is the best possible method of providing powerful protection of investments.


Magna Carta Bar Chambers (MCBC) gives both public and private sector clients the same level of economic security capabilities which governments use to protect national critical infrastructure assets. This powerful advantage is provided primarily through comprehensive legal support of operations, projects and transactions.


Legal support services for economic security are highly customized for individual needs of various client situations. They can include “forensic investigation” of transactions for asset recovery, “legal due diligence” verification for risk mitigation, “legal escort” for regulatory and banking compliance effectiveness, and “legal advisory” expertise to provide optimal structures of financial transactions for effectiveness and reliability of investments.


These services are supported by the Royal College of Management and Economics (Business Faculty) of Ignita Veritas University.




Legal Support for Diplomatic Affairs


Legal Support for Diplomatic AffairsTraditionally, “Diplomacy” is defined as “The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations”, based upon “negotiation between nations through their representatives.” [1]


As the primary work of diplomats is advocating for legal positions under international law, the “science” involved is necessarily legal science, and the “negotiation” is essentially legal negotiation, such that it closely resembles the professional work of lawyers.


Indeed, university historians have documented the “long tradition” since the 9th century of “hiring teams of independent lawyers to advise monarchs”, who “would call on [lawyer] figures… and sent them as experts and representatives to diplomatic meetings.” [2]


As the University Law Center of an inter-governmental organization (IGO) engaged in diplomatic operations, Magna Carta Bar Chambers (MCBC) is well positioned to serve as a governmental independent contractor providing alternative channels of diplomatic relations.


This time-tested solution of “back channel diplomacy” is traditionally employed during the increasingly frequent times when nations are pressured by domestic politics to officially “suspend diplomatic ties”, yet seek to rely on unofficial alternatives to advance strategic objectives. It is also relied on for sensitive matters of cooperation and peacemaking, to avoid interference from political exposure or political pressures.


As a licensed law firm, under the 1990 Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers, the Bar Chambers (MCBC) is officially empowered with protected lawyer-client privileges and authorities, which ensure fiduciary responsibility and guarantee confidentiality, for each and every respective sovereign client.


The status of a law firm is thus perfectly suited to the essential role of serving as an “alternative diplomatic channel”, providing “special envoys” as needed to support peace among nations. This is further enhanced by capabilities to issue authoritative Barristers Opinions establishing positions under international law to support diplomatic negotiations.


The Bar Chambers (MCBC) also provides specialized legal support and assistance to sovereign and governmental clients, including developing supplementary documentation and certified Barristers Opinions to assert, exercise and enforce “diplomatic status” and “diplomatic immunities” of diplomatic agents and consular officials of sovereign States.


These specialties are supported by the Royal Institute of Geopolitics and Diplomacy (Diplomatic Academy) of Ignita Veritas University. They are further supported by experts from the Government Court Division of the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ).




Legal Support for Historical & Indigenous States


Magna Carta Bar Chambers (MCBC) has rare and unique capabilities to develop legal infrastructure and handle legal matters for historical institutions, which necessarily involve rights and authorities of historical customary law under modern conventional international law.


This highly specialized practice area includes legal support for ecclesiastical institutions, specifically applying Canon law as customary international law. Such work is supported by the Royal Institute of Law and Justice (Law Faculty) and Pontifical Academy of History and Culture (History Faculty) of Ignita Veritas University.


This also includes expert legal support of indigenous sovereign entities, which is supported by experts from the Indigenous Rights Division of the Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ).




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[2] Prof. Jacob Soll, How Think Tanks Became Engines of Royal Propaganda, Tablet Magazine, Nextbook, New York (31 January 2017); Jacob Soll is a Professor of History at University of Southern California.


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