New IGO Addresses Genocide of Yazidis and Christians in Syria and Iraq


Press Release – 06 October 2016:    The ethnic and religious persecution and genocide against the indigenous Yazidi people and Christian groups in Iraq and Syria is one of the most urgent and compelling situations fuelling the international refugee crisis, requiring a special focus within humanitarian relief efforts.


The World Coalition of Refugee Rights (WCRR) has recognized Prince Naif bin Dawood bin Numb of the Yazidi Emirate of the Amiri Royal House of David, and its Yazidi Independent Supreme Council, as the diplomatic representatives of the Yazidi people, who are also related to the affected Christian communities.


WCRR on August 27 issued a Declaration of Sovereign Support condemning “the escalating massacres and slavery of women and children by rogue militants, as a systemic genocide”, and recognizing “the protected status of the Yazidi people, and their indigenous rights and religious rights”.  It also condemned “the foreign policies of state-sponsored destabilization… as the proximate cause enabling and perpetuating such genocide.”


The declaration establishes “joint work against the atrocities… as part of our sovereign protection of Assyrians, Coptic and other Christians, together with all refugees of Arab, Muslim and other ethnic cultures.”  It notes that “The indigenous Yazidi religion combines the most ancient Persian Magi Priesthood with both early Assyrian Christianity and Sufi Islam”, and is thus “a subject of major world heritage”.


Supporting Declarations were issued by three founding member states of the Coalition, each highlighting different aspects of the importance of Yazidi heritage:

The Ancient Catholic Church, the pontifical 12th century Church of the 1st century denomination of Ancient Catholicism, in its Declaration stated that Yazidis embody “important heritage of classical Christianity, connecting the Church to its ancient roots in the Biblical Magi, and providing a bridge between Christianity and Islam.”  It “declares solidarity with the Yazidi people, as our brothers in angelic faith, and too often as our brothers in persecution.”


The Order of the Temple of Solomon, the 12th century sovereign institution of the original “Knights Templar” restored under customary international law, in its Declaration stated that Yazidis are “a subject of important esoteric heritage of the Knights Templar, connecting Templarism to the ancient origins of Christianity, and connecting the Templars to Sufi Islam and the Arabian cultures of the Middle East.”


The Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ), an official Court of Law of the independent Judiciary profession for human rights, in its Declaration emphasized:  “The Yazidi people are widely recognized by scholars and the UN Refugee Agency as a distinct ethnic and religious group with their own indigenous culture.  …  Atrocities against Yazidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria were unanimously condemned as genocide by the United Kingdom House of Commons, and the United States Congress, European Union Parliament and Council of Europe”.


Prince Naif of the Yazidi Emirate on August 27 issued a Mandate for Protection of Yazidi Rights to WCRR, “to conduct diplomatic and humanitarian operations on behalf of and in support of the Yazidi nation… as the Protector of the indigenous Yazidi people”.  In a Message of Appreciation to WCRR, Prince Naif praised “the humanitarian noble direction towards our people, Yazidis, who are oppressed, and teetering between life and death. …  Working with you and under your authority that are official and legal, will contribute to save these peaceful people from injustice… [and] extermination”.


By this effort mobilizing support for Yazidis and Christians, WCRR successfully launched an initiative in the United Nations on September 16, with a Petition of 1.4 million signatures, resulting in a draft UN Declaration on Refugees and Migrants.


The General Secretary of WCRR announced:  “We are pleased with all UN permanent member states for their support on September 19th at the Summit on refugees and migrants.  193 countries adopted the New York Declaration, which includes bold commitments to resettle and reunite more refugees, share responsibility and protect refugee rights, such as the right to education and the right to work.”


Building upon this success, WCRR on October 6 announced the beginning of active efforts protecting Yazidis and Christians together with other refugees.


The World Coalition of Refugee Rights (WCRR) is an inter-governmental organization (IGO), exercising official authorities for protection of refugees under mandate from UN Status of Refugees (Articles 12.1, 25.1, 25.3, 26-28).  It provides innovative and sustainable solutions to empower refugees to rebuild their lives, while also protecting rights of the people in receiving host countries.  WCRR is a United Nations level IGO exercising statehood under UN Jurisdictional Immunities (Articles 2.1(b)(iii), 5) as a sovereign subject of international law under UN Law of Treaties (Articles 3, 38).


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