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Non-Profit Management Company




Ignita Veritas United, Inc. (USA)


Ignita Veritas United (International) operates in part through a registered United States incorporation named “Ignita Veritas United, Inc.”, as a non-commercial domestic representation of the international organization.


Ignita Veritas United, Inc. (IVU, Inc.) is incorporated in Delaware, USA, as a “not for profit” (“non-profit”) company.  It is registered with its sole director being the foreign international law firm Magna Carta Bar Chambers.



Management Company


Ignita Veritas United, Inc. (IVU, Inc.) serves as a non-profit management company for project management, fundraising, public relations and community outreach, and maintaining operating infrastructure for non-profit and charitable projects of Ignita Veritas United (International) and its affiliate institutions.


The company also provides sub-contracting management and administration services for an affiliated network of non-profit institutions, supporting humanitarian projects.


All net proceeds of the management services are used to fund the humanitarian missions of the international organization and its affiliates.


The charitable projects include human rights advocacy and access to justice, education and professional training, support for the legal and judiciary professions, support for law enforcement, and career opportunities for armed services veterans.



Tax Exempt


The non-profit company IVU, Inc. (USA) holds statutory automatic “501(a) Status” as a humanitarian “civic organization for social welfare” and a “society for educational purposes” (US Tax Code, 26 USC §501(a)), and thus by law is Tax Exempt from any filings or regulation associated with the popularized “501(c)(3)” status.



Tax Deductible


All donations to the non-profit IVU, Inc. (USA) “exclusively for charitable or educational purposes” (US Tax Code: 26 USC §170(a)(1); §170(c)(2)), or from individuals to its foreign operations (26 USC §170(c)(4)), are automatically Tax Deductible, including donations through an affiliate trustee entity “for the use of” IVU (26 USC §170(c)).




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