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Ignita Veritas United


Institution of Official Powers & Authorities


Ignita Veritas United (IVU) (pronounced ‘Ig-neet-a Ver-ee-tas’), named by the Latin phrase meaning “Fire of Truth” or “Light of Truth”, is a union of States, united by human rights and national sovereignty, as an intergovernmental organization (IGO) possessing inherent sovereign authority, exercising its official status in diplomatic relations.


IVU is thus positioned for institutional cooperation with the international community at the highest level of official relations, to serve as a force for positive influence in world affairs for the People, based on its legal status and authorities as an IGO.


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Mission and Purpose Statement


The essential mission of IVU is to provide independent official institutions with international legal authority, by a return to the real international law of human rights and national sovereignty under the rule of law, to uphold the pillars of civilization for the Peoples of the Nations of free and independent States.


The primary purpose of this mission is to empower the People with freedom of choice, by access to alternative intergovernmental institutions dedicated to providing official support for Peoples Rights, to restore a balance of powers representing the People.


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Giving a Voice to Free Peoples of the World


Ignita Veritas United (IVU), as an intergovernmental organization (IGO), serves as the supporting infrastructure, vehicle for fully exercising sovereignty, and most traditional forum for diplomatic relations, for the full spectrum of all types of States.


IVU provides the advanced legal foundations necessary to empower free and independent States, sovereign historical and indigenous States, and their international alliances, to assert and exercise their official authorities, while maintaining independence from globalist establishment systems.


In this way, IVU finally gives a voice to all the Peoples of the Nations, and their history, heritage, culture and traditions, representing all the institutions of humanity, for effective participation in world affairs as essential members of the true international community of Nation States.




Restoring Classical Institutions of Humanity


Ignita Veritas United (IVU) was not simply invented, and is not merely a new or modern organization.  Rather, it is based upon restoring the classical institutions of human civilization, as the collective heritage of humanity since ancient times, serving as the necessary vehicles for the empowerment and advancement of humanity:


The principles and substance of IVU institutions were reconstructed from the historical record, from the surviving remnants of the last known Golden Age civilizations;


The legal legitimacy of IVU institutions was reconstituted from ancient and medieval “customary international law” of sovereignty and genuine professions;


The official governmental and diplomatic status of IVU institutions was then reestablished using the modern conventions of “conventional international law”.


As a result, IVU uniquely provides a renewed infrastructure of the timeless institutions of the pillars of civilization, with independence and integrity, dedicated to uplifting the Peoples of the Nations of free and independent States.




Official Status Directly from International Law


The official status of IVU and its IGO official bodies is established directly from the modern framework of conventions recognizing international law, which are binding upon all countries (1969 Law of Treaties, Article 38), and also binding upon the United Nations (UN) (2012 Declaration on Rule of Law, Article 2).


Accordingly, IVU already possesses the only “recognition” it needs, directly from specific provisions of conventional international law, which fully prove its official status and authorities.


The legal facts of those authorizing provisions are fully presented, in detail with specific section numbers, throughout the IVU website and its IGO documents and materials, as complete and verifiable evidence, giving public legal notice of its official status.


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A concise presentation and educational package for effective practical use of conventional international law is provided on the following webpage:


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Return to Real International Law of Rights


IVU is solidly built upon international law.  However, this is not commercial “admiralty” law, and is not the superficial supposed “international law” of mere contractual “treaties” of modern countries, which increasingly disregard and even violate binding law on human rights.


Rather, IVU was built upon the “conventions” which recognize and codify timeless and universal principles of real law and rights.  This marks a return to the “real international law” of human rights and national sovereignty under the rule of law, which is necessary to reclaim and restore Peoples Rights.




Incorporated Domestic Representation


Separating its intergovernmental functions from its practical humanitarian functions, Ignita Veritas United may also operate through a normal incorporated not-for-profit (“non-profit”) legal entity of the same name, registered in any State of its operations, as an autonomous domestic representation.


The domestic non-profit serves as a management company for project management, charitable fundraising, public relations and community outreach, and maintaining infrastructure for IVU international and its affiliate institutions.  All net proceeds are used to fund the humanitarian missions of the international organization.


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