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Pontifical Academy of Sacred Sciences

(Science Faculty & Seminary School)


The Pontifical Academy of Sacred Sciences serves as the in-house Science Faculty and also Seminary School of Ignita Veritas University. The inter-governmental licensing and accreditation of IV University includes “scientific research”, specifically supporting scholarship of science, providing an institutional foundation for the empirical study of ancient and classical esoteric beliefs and practices by objective scientific exploration.


Science Degrees


Studies under this faculty can result in a wide range of graduate and post-graduate degrees in Bioenergy Physics, Bioenergy Engineering, Alternative Health sciences, Sacred Sciences, and Ancient Technologies.


  • Bachelor of Science (Baccalaureus Scientiae) B.S.
  • Master of Science (Magister Scientiae) M.S.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Philosophiae Doctor) Ph.D.
  • Professorship Doctorate (Professor Doctor) Prof.D.


Energy-information exchange physics, which includes the narrower sphere of Bioenergy sciences, has been a recognized discipline of university science in some American, Russian and other Eastern European universities, which enabled the development of many advanced Cold War technologies from ca. 1953 – 1991.


Scholarship of Sacred Sciences includes exploration of the empirical physics of classical esoteric knowledge. This involves energy sciences of the mechanics of consciousness, as applied to priestly sacraments, divine communion, meditation, workings of the spiritual realm, and various visitations or manifestations of spirit.


This study primarily consists of electromagnetic field physics and electro-neuro-biology, supported by biofeedback and brain wave encephalography related to neurology and brain wave sciences, all as related to spiritual concepts.


Energy-information mechanics provides a mainstream scientific framework for understanding traditional religious and priestly practices. It has diverse applications to provide innovative solutions for advancements in archaeology, as well as alternative health technologies.


Secular Degrees


Studies under this faculty can result in other secular degrees with specialties in Interfaith Studies, Comparative Religion and Ancient Religion, including:


  • Bachelor of Arts (Baccalaureus Artium) B.A.
  • Master of Arts (Magister Artium) B.A.
  • Doctorate (Philosophiae Doctor) Ph.D.


Seminary Degrees


Seminary studies under this faculty can result in the full academic Doctor of Divinity (not merely honourary, but for earned merit “honoris causa“, “h.c.”), and all ecclesiastical graduate and post-graduate degrees, including:


  • Bachelor of Divinity (Baccaleureatus Divinitatis) B.Div.
  • Master of Divinity (Magister Divinitatis) M.Div.
  • Doctor of Divinity (Doctor Divinitatis) D.Div.


  • Bachelor of Theology (Baccaleureatus Theologiae) B.Th.
  • Master of Theology (Magister Theologiae) M.Th.
  • Doctor of Theology (Doctor Theologiae) D.Th.


  • Bachelor of Ministry (Baccaleureatus Ministerium) B.Min.
  • Master of Ministry (Magister Ministerium) M.Min.
  • Doctor of Ministry (Doctor Ministerium) D.Min.


Seminary curricula and courses are provided in cooperation with canonical Seminary schools of participating Churches. While seminary studies are non-denominational, most professors are career Clergy from the classical canonical denominations, to provide the full spectrum of traditional knowledge from all ecclesiastical practices.


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