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Chief Justice of SCIJ High Court

Princess Judge Kunda of Mutambe, LL.M., J.S.D.


Chief Justice of SCIJ High Court, Princess Judge Kunda of Bemba

Chief Justice of SCIJ High Court, Princess Judge Kunda of Bemba

Her Royal Highness (H.R.H.) Princess Judge Kunda of Mutambe completed a Bachelor of Legal Letters with Honours (LL.B. Hons.) from University of Bedfordshire in England (2001), and completed Barristers training at British Professional Practice University Law School in London (2003). She is a permanent member of Inner Temple Inn of Court (since 2003).


She completed a 3-year Master of Legal Letters (LL.M.) in Criminal Justice (2018) (externship at Institute of Legal Executives in London and University of Lusaka in Zambia), dissertation: “Criminal Prosecutions under the International Judiciary”, and 8-year Doctor of Legal Science (J.S.D.) in International Jurisprudence (2019) (externship at British Professional Practice University, American University in Texas, and Souters in London), dissertation: “Judiciary Cross-Border Enforcement of Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Law”, from the Royal Institute of Law and Justice.


Judge Kunda is a hereditary Princess of the ruling Royal Establishment of the Mutambe Kingdom in northern Zambia, actively assisting other kingdoms in regional and national governmental affairs.


In the Judiciary, she was governmentally accredited as a Judge with a national Ministry of Justice (2013), and elevated from Barrister to International Judge of the Bench at Bar by the Inter-Governmental Bar Council (2019). Serving as a Presiding Judge for Civil and Criminal Courts of Law (2013-2017), she researched wrote and issued 16 precedent-setting Judicial Opinions resolving innovative legal issues before the Courts.


In law practice, she began as Legal Counsel at the law firm Pothecary & Barratt in London (2003-2005), conducting Court litigation and legal support for medical and social welfare institutions. As Legal Accounts Manager for Office Angels in London (2005-2008), she handled Court litigation, evidence packages for regulatory compliance, contracts, deeds, and legal audits.


As Senior Legal Advisor at the law firm Harris Hill in London (2009-2013), she specialized in advanced legal services for humanitarian institutions, conducted Court litigation, and prosecuted intellectual property infringement cases.


In education, she was Corporate Law Lecturer at Association of Chartered Certified Accountants “ACCA” (2008-2010), teaching a wide range of legal courses for business and non-commercial institutions. She is a School Governor for the United Kingdom Ministry of Education (since 2011), administering the national curriculum and upholding quality of education standards for the Board of Governors.


In human rights, Princess Judge Kunda has been a Spokesperson for Amnesty International (2008-2010) advancing human rights and support of political dissidents, an Advocate at the Human Rights Association of the UK (2008-2013), and Legal Advisor at the Citizens Advice Bureau in London (2008-2013), a national network of UK charities providing legal aid services for the poor and disadvantaged.

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