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Decentralized Office Locations Network


IVU Decentralized Office Locations NetworkIgnita Veritas United (IVU) is an intergovernmental organization (IGO) with authorities and responsibilities for humanitarian operations worldwide.


Its official role in upholding human rights and the rule of law on the geopolitical stage inherently involves a serious level of adversity, potentially from criminal cartels, corrupt government agencies, and even rogue states.


Therefore, IVU and its IGO institutions operates through a decentralized network of private working facilities, and does not publish its executive offices.



Executive Offices Not Published – for Security


The strategic concept of executive offices, for a developing IGO, must provide strong defenses against unlawful interference and sabotage, fully ensuring effective State Security, Diplomatic Security, Judiciary Security, and continuity of operations.


Diplomatic Security – The 1973 Convention on Internationally Protected Persons mandates that all IGO officials are “entitled to special protection” as an “internationally protected person”, as “any official or other agent of an international organization of intergovernmental character” (Articles 1.1(b), 2.3).


Judiciary Security – International law also mandates special protection for all Judiciary officials (1985 Independence of Judiciary, Articles 2, 4) of any “international judicial body” or “other body” of the independent Judiciary (2005 Right to Remedy for Human Rights, Articles 5, 12, 14), as an “intergovernmental organization” of “judicial authority” (1998 Right to Protect Human Rights, Articles 5, 9.2).


Maximum security is best provided by operating through an international decentralized network of executive offices, which in turn coordinate a regional decentralized network of private operations facilities of officials, support staff and contracting experts.


For these reasons, IVU strategically operates through a decentralized network of private office facilities internationally, without the limitations or vulnerabilities of relying on centralized public offices.


These private office facilities are established at diverse locations, including:


(1) Official embassies, honorary consulates or representative offices of the host IGO and its Member States; (2) Private field offices, working facilities, operations bases and mobile task-force sites of the IGO and its Member Institutions; and (3) Established locations of affiliated or cooperating institutions.



Management Company Offices – for Official Use


The IVU Management Company maintains official office addresses in business centers, for receiving and processing any physical documents necessary for official purposes.


These public business center locations are used by the IVU Management Company, supporting the related network of private executive offices and operations facilities.


Meetings are by invitation and appointment only, generally at private locations which are disclosed only as relevant to an active project, on a “need to know” basis.


For official use only, for diplomatic protocols and banking compliance purposes: 



Ignita Veritas United


700 12th Street NW, Suite 700,

Washington DC 20005



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