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Email Form for Official or Professional Inquiries


Ignita Veritas United (IVU) as an inter-governmental organization (IGO) and its subdivisions primarily support an interrelated network of both pre-established and naturally developing strategic relationships. IVU generates non-profit budgets for its humanitarian projects by providing services to this affiliate network of institutions.


Because IVU does not offer any services to the general public on a commercial basis, it does not provide “customer service” style contact or communications.


To best interact with IVU for governmental or private-sector projects, we encourage you to discuss your desired cooperation with the Member State, Member Institution or official delegate from whom you learned about IVU, and request a personal introduction and referral from that Member or delegate.


To verify any official credentials, documents or certifications issued by IVU or its IGO official bodies or subdivisions, which were presented to you by an individual or organization, or to request support on governmental cooperation projects, please contact us through the below web form.

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