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Chief of Resource Logistics

Captain Mohamed El Kadi, M.B.A.


Chief of Resource Logistics, Captain Mohamed El Kadi

Chief of Resource Logistics, Captain Mohamed El Kadi

Captain Mohamed El Kadi completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Operations Management (2011), and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Institutional Logistics (2014), from the Royal College of Management and Economics (studies at Ain Shams University and International Center for Law and Advocacy in Cairo). He speaks native Arabic, with high verbal proficiency in business English.


He began his career as Infrastructure Support Manager for the Ministry of Transportation of Egypt (1993-2012), coordinating and supervising technical servicing, maintenance and quality control of heavy machinery transport vehicles, in accordance with public safety regulations.


He served as Director of Expedition Logistics for the Historical Preservation Society (HPS) based in London (2007-2012), managing complex logistics of archaeologists, equipment, licenses, vehicles and Nile river ships, providing operational support for field expeditions in the Western Desert of the Sahara, and coordinating interrelated site surveys throughout Egypt.


He became founding General Director of the Historical Construction and Development company in Cairo (since 2008), which successfully obtained Licenses for restoration of protected historical sites, and replica reconstruction of historic structures and traditional buildings of cultural significance.


He earned his Captain’s Sea Service Certification and Marine Passport from the Ministry of Maritime Safety of Egypt (2009), for All Vessels (unlimited tonnage) including yachts, hotel boats and cruise ships, tug boats and fueling tankers. He also obtained a special Guide License from the Ministry of Tourism (2009) to host VIP guests with private arrangements, including access to secure areas inside airports to facilitate arrivals.


He was recruited as Office Manager of the International Center for Law and Advocacy (since 2012), a government contractor for project management, and a professional training institution for government officials in the Middle East.


He was selected as Director of VIP Logistics of the Center for International Sovereignty and Security (CISS), for the Cairo Egypt subsidiary of the institution based in Moscow Russia (2013-2017), providing multinational logistics and operations management, supporting a professional network of international lawyers, state security experts and diplomats.


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