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Decentralized Office Locations Network


IVU Decentralized Office Locations NetworkIgnita Veritas United (IVU) is an Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO) with authorities and responsibilities for humanitarian operations worldwide. Its official role in upholding Human Rights and the Rule of Law on the geopolitical stage inherently involves a serious level of adversity, potentially from criminal cartels, corrupt government agencies, and even rogue states.


Therefore, the strategic concept of IGO office locations must provide strong defenses against unlawful interference and sabotage, fully ensuring effective State Security, Diplomatic Security, Judiciary Security, and continuity of operations.


Maximum security is best provided by operating through an international decentralized network of office locations, which in turn coordinate a regional decentralized network of private working facilities of officials, support staff and experts in the area of each location. Each office location is thus attended only “as needed” and “on demand” by appointed officials or their regional delegates, and primarily used for internal group working sessions and private meetings.


IVU maintains a network of active working facilities internationally, without the limitations, distractions or vulnerabilities of relying on centralized local offices. These facilities are established at diverse locations, including: (1) Official embassies, honorary consulates or representative offices of the host IGO and its Member States; (2) Private field offices, working facilities, operations bases and mobile task-force sites of the IGO and its Member Institutions; and (3) Established locations of affiliated or cooperating institutions.


As a result, IVU strategically operates through a decentralized network of working facilities worldwide. Active team work through multiple decentralized office locations is supported by Multimedia Telecommuting through mobile and Internet communications, featuring technologies such as group collaboration platforms, screen sharing and video conferences. This provides strong interpersonal interactions, with maximum productivity, ensuring continual operations across all time zones, unifying the top executive talents and leading experts in the world wherever they may be found.


All office locations hold legal status as IVU Representation Offices, with official status as IGO Honorary Consulates.


No Paper Mailing

Mail of paper documents to any office location will not be processed nor forwarded, and may be discarded without record. (All documents must be color scanned electronic files by email only.)


No Walk-in Visits

Visitors by “walk-in” without invitation or official credentials will not be permitted, and may be detained for security investigation. (All meetings must be by prior invitation and appointment only.)


This overview presents only a partial list of those Office Locations which currently have the most visible public functions. Addresses are provided only to represent the geographic regions of primary operations, and to indicate the cities where most official meetings are likely to be held. All other locations are disclosed privately only on a “need to know” basis.


International Headquarters Office

24 Lester Youngpad, 3543 GJ, Utrecht, Netherlands


Ignita Veritas University (IVU)

8 Plaza Chueca, 2nd Floor, 28004 Madrid, Spain


Sovereign Court of International Justice (SCIJ)

Undisclosed Business Center – Confidential for Judiciary Security

Coordinating Operations from Private Facilities in Geneva, Switzerland

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