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Minister of State for Strategic Research

Professor Gavin Davidson, M.Ed., Ph.D., Prof.D.


Minister of State for Strategic Research, Professor Gavin Davidson

Minister of State for Strategic Research, Professor Gavin Davidson

Professor Gavin Davidson completed a 4-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Pedagogy and Research (1984), and a 3-year Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Group Teaching Programs (1991) from State College of Humanitarian Education (studies and training at Franciscan University of the Brotherhood of Saint Francis of Assisi in Derby, England).


He completed a 10-year Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biblical Archaeology (2008) from the Pontifical Academy of History and Culture (studies at Franciscan University in England), with dissertation on “Ancient History and Biblical Archaeology Revealing the Pillars of Human Civilization”.


He completed a 4-year post-doctorate Professorship Doctorate (Prof.D.) in Public Policy (2012) from the Royal Institute of Geopolitics and Diplomacy (studies at Center for International Sovereignty and Security), with dissertation on “Modern Applications of Historical Economics in Geopolitics and Human Rights”.


He was recruited as Chairman of the Board of the banking institution Temple Trust Savings & Loan (2006-2011) based in Sweden with a flagship office in London; Conducted research and development of humanitarian public policies for macro-economics, supporting advanced financial products for the benefit of national economies. Successfully applied one of the institution’s own new financial products as the mechanism for the exit-strategy sale of its infrastructure and assets, purchased by a group of Swiss private investment bankers.


He served as Director of Policy Strategies for the Historical Preservation Society (HPS) in London (2007-2012), overseeing HPS sponsorship of archaeological operations and site surveys in Egypt, providing research and development of strategic public policy concepts, for positive social impact of reconnecting the ancient origins of classical religions, and for applying ancient knowledge to geopolitics as time-tested solutions to modern problems.


He was appointed Chief of Strategic Projects by the Council on Alternative Policy Studies (CAPS) “Think Tank” (since 2012), providing advanced research and editorial review for inter-governmental “white paper” reports for national governments and presidential administrations of diverse countries; Developing humanitarian public policies for economic aspects of geopolitics, upholding national sovereignty while promoting international security.


Gavin was established as a Full Professor of Ignita Veritas University (since 2014), with Tenure in its Archaeology Faculty and its Diplomatic Academy; Conducting research and development of geopolitical strategies for restoring ancient historical institutions as sovereign subjects of international law in diplomatic relations; Restoring and applying ancient technologies of economic, legal and natural sciences as the pillars of human civilization.


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