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Featured Member Institutions of the IGO


Featured Member Institutions of IVU-IGOIgnita Veritas United (IVU) is an inter-governmental organization (IGO) of humanitarian operations for human rights and the rule of law, supported by an active network of Member Institutions. Those Member Institutions are further backed by their own networks of strategic partnerships and affiliated institutions, which contribute additional networks of specialized experts from diverse professions.


As a result, the operations of IVU are driven by groups supported by other groups, sharing advanced capabilities and top talents on an institutional level. This collective nature makes IVU an “institution of institutions”, which is operated by a “network of networks”.


Through this international network coordinated with its Member Institutions, IVU engages in active collaboration and mutual support with diverse government agencies, human rights organizations and educational institutions which are independent, and well positioned for positive real-world impact for the benefit of humanity.


Relations Only as Authorized

Any and all offers, engagements and contracts of the IGO with any third parties, which may have been discussed with any of its Member Institutions, are subject to written approval and ratification by the Directorate General, or by the autonomous governing body of the relevant IGO institution.


The following are descriptions of some of the featured Member Institutions, as separate and independent organizations, which support and collaborate with the IGO. This presents a partial list of only those which are accredited to Special Consultancy status with the Directorate General, or Observer status with the Representative Council of Member States:


Bircham International University (BIU)


BIU - Bircham International UniversityBircham International University (BIU), based in Spain, is licensed and authorized by registration with the Ministry of Economy, and regulated by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs of Spain. It is extensively accredited and recognized in multiple countries as meeting or exceeding all of the highest international standards of the US, UK, EU and UN for higher education. BIU is a traditional university providing classical education by distance learning, as an alternative to the limitations of campus-based institutions.


Bircham International University (BIU) is a well-established university of over 25 years, which developed from Oxford International College (UK) since 1992, under Nobility Patronage of the Dynastic House of Bircham which acquired the university in 2000. This university continues the academic traditions of the 12th century Nobility House of Bircham, named after its roots in Bircham of Norfolk in the United Kingdom, preserving and promoting world heritage through higher education.


Confirming and consolidating its numerous accreditations from diverse countries worldwide, BIU holds official International Accreditation from the Inter-Governmental Accreditation Commission (IGAC) of IVU. BIU is a Member Institution in Special Consultancy status with the IGO Ignita Veritas United (IVU), making expert contributions to the advancement of human knowledge through classical academia.


Order of Sovereign Grail Queens


Order of Sovereign Grail QueensThe Order of Sovereign Grail Queens is a matriarchal holy Order under leadership of women, in harmonic balance with participating men, continuing the lineage of Saint Mary Magdalene as a Gnostic Apostle of the Ancient Priesthood of Melchizedek originating from Mesopotamia since 10,068 BC. It is recognized by Pontifical Patronage of the 12th century Church of the 1st century denomination of Ancient Catholicism, and by Crown Patronage as a Priory of the 12th century Order of the Temple of Solomon.


The Order of Sovereign Grail Queens is based upon spiritual alchemy and a healthy balance between masculine and feminine divine energies for the prosperity of humanity. These ancient teachings were promoted by the Knights Templar as the Arthurian legends of the Holy Grail. The Order also teaches the sovereignty of human beings as spiritual forces in the collective alchemy of society, and supports the sovereignty of free and independent nations upholding human rights, promoting the key role of sovereign historical institutions in leading the restoration and advancement of civilization.


The Order is a Member Institution in Special Consultancy status with the IGO Ignita Veritas United (IVU), making expert contributions to the preservation of sacred knowledge as the collective heritage of humanity, the restoration of healthy human relationships between men and women, and the development of balanced public policy advancing the natural leadership roles of women as nurturing guardians of humanity.


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